Media Literacy Tips

–Remember that all media images are constructions and NOT reflections of reality.    Media messages and advertisements have been carefully and purposefully crafted to send a very specific message, and typically to get you to buy a specific product.

–You have the power to choose how you will experience all of the media messages you encounter.  Choose a filter that protects your self-esteem and body image.

–Talk back to the TV when you see or hear a message that makes you feel badly about yourself or your body.  Tear out magazine ads and articles that do the same.

–Identify an advertiser who you think sends positive messages and celebrates the natural diversity of human shapes and sizes.  Then write them a letter and thank them!

–Use your “buying power.”  Make a list of companies who promote negative body image messages and make an effort to avoid buying their products.

–Fill your home, car, locker, and life with positive messages (like those shown in this email).  Write these messages on your mirror and on sticky notes for yourself and others.

(National Eating Disorders Association, 2005)