Weight Bias

Weight bias, the inclination to form judgments based on a person’s weight, is prevalent in our society. When we engage in weight bias, we promote an environment of intolerance and prejudice, which often results in teasing, bullying, and discrimination aimed at individuals who are overweight. Weight bias has also been linked to depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, poor body image, eating disorders, and suicide.

If you have not yet seen this video of a newscaster in Wisconsin publicly confronting weight bias, you should definitely check it out. Click on the video link to watch.

Weight does not tell you about someone’s strength of character, their personality, their work ethic, talents or skills, or their value in this world. And contrary to public perception, weight is also not a reliable indicator of health. We hope for a time in which weight is not used as the primary benchmark for one’s success, and encourage you to “REbeL” against weight bias.