Happy New Year and Thank You!

Thank you for joining the beauty-full “REbeLution”! We are thrilled to share that our first annual Indiegogo campaign led to online and private donations totaling more than $11,000; dollars that are key to sustaining and, eventually, growing the mission and impact of REbeL. This success would not have been possible without your generous contribution and we are so very thankful for YOU! Please be sure to check for the email PayPal sent you at the time of your donation, which will serve as your receipt for income tax purposes.

Please also check us out on Facebook to keep up with our activities and to find more opportunities for involvement with REbeL. And mark your calendars for the Walk to REbeL on April 27, 2013. We have such an exciting year ahead! Together, we will continue to rock this REbeLution!

Thanks again and all our best –