Go Fat Talk Free

Fat talk free is the way to be! How can you end fat talk? One of the ways in which REbeL strives to do this is through Fat Talk Free Week. Fat Talk Free Week is an extension of the Reflections: Body Image Program by Dr. Carolyn Becker and BodyImage3D, a project of Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

Many of our REbeL groups conducted outreach efforts for Fat Talk Free Week in March including Mirrorless Monday, educational flyers and locker signs, compliment cookies, and the signing of the Fat Talk Free Pledge (which is pictured at the top of the newsletter). The REbeL group at Blue Valley High educated their entire school about REbeL and fat talk during their Tiger Time. BVH student, Nimisha Halder, made a video about REbeL that was shown during this presentation.

Suggestions for Ending Fat Talk

  • Try to avoid fat talking about yourself or others–especially in front of young people!
  • If you feel a pull to fat talk, stop and ask yourself why?  What are you hoping to gain by fat talking? Reassurance, a compliment, connection with others? What would be a more positive way to fill this need?
  • When you hear those around you talking negatively about their bodies, remind them that “friends don’t let friends fat talk” and ask them to stop. (You can do this in a playful and fun way.)
  • Shift your focus from what you don’t like about your body to all the amazing things that it does for you like breathing, jumping, reading, and dancing.
  • If you or those around you have set fitness or health goals, focus on how your body feels as you work toward this goal instead of its shape or size.
  • Try to give non-appearance related compliments. And when someone gives you a compliment, say “thank you” instead of objecting.
  • Celebrate the things about yourself and the people in your life that have nothing to do
    with appearance.