Rock Your (BeYOUtiful) Beach Body

Summer is finally here – pool parties, beach vacations, and hot tub outings present the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite swimsuit. Magazines, televisions shows, and advertisements tell us to rock our  “perfect bikini bods.”  But what is a bikini bod or a beach body? The terms suggests that a body that is beach-worthy must adhere to “impossible-to-achieve” cultural standards of beauty and attractiveness. Statements, like the ones above, increase feelings of anxiety or nervousness about our bodies, known as body shame.  In fact, body shame has become a norm; many people live in a constant state of shame that feels completely normal for today’s society (Peat, Peyerl, & Muehlenkamp, 2008).  This normative feeling of wanting to either hide or change something about our bodies not only prevents us from fully experiencing summer, but has been linked to disordered eating, anxiety, depression, poor performance in school, and sedentary lifestyles.  REbeL is committed to encouraging a body positive lifestyle and decreasing body shame by raising awareness and encouraging healthy acceptance of self and others.

I have a beach body. And yes, you do too. It’s the beYOUtiful body you put your swimsuit on.