Guest BE-log: When Was the Last Time?

When was the last time you laughed? Like really laughed. Like didn’t look around to see who was maybe watching or might per chance, see your face contort into faces that you otherwise might think unflattering. Like, you laughed. Mouth w i d e open. Eyes closed. Bend at the waist, laughed.

When was the last time you cried? A hard, real cry. One that needed to happen. Like an ugly cry. The kind of cry where your face gets splotchy. And your eyes still appeared pierced with tears a half hour later. Where you let all of your emotions just spill out of you. The kind of cry where you feel cleansed when it’s complete.

When was the last time you danced? To your own rhythm. With your own movements. Infused with your very own personality. You danced. Not like with moves you borrowed from a music video. With moves you got from the music stirring in your soul. A deep-down-from-the-very-depths-of-you dance.

When was the last time you listened intently? Not for your benefit. But for the one who was doing the talking. When you disconnected from technology and the world for the entire conversation. And yet you felt more connected to anything than you have in a very long while. Because you used the silent power of listening.

When was the last time you spoke? Confidently. With conviction. And with passion. About something that no one else really believed in until you completed your thoughts. Something that now, everyone knows as truth. Because it is. Because you believe in it. Otherwise jumbled thoughts that were given life… because you chose to speak.

When was the last time you left the house without checking with your mirror first for approval? When you really didn’t care about what might happen if people caught you, totally in all of your glorious you-ness. When you wore something because it brought you comfort… from the inside out.

When was the last time you stopped? Stopped trying to be the one in the magazine. Or the one on that show. Or the one walking down the hall at school. When you were a very true version of you. When you liked who you were. And who you were, was you.

When was the last time? The last time you let your light shine. And it shone so bright, you were blinded by its brilliance. And you loved it. Because it was you. Being you.

When was the last time…

Whether it’s been awhile or it was never, make a new last time today. Be all of the things that live inside of you. The genuine laughter. The real emotions. The connection to those around you. All of those things you’ve been afraid to unfurl.  And then live those things tomorrow, and the next day… and just maybe… being you, will become your new normal. And will feel right. And real. And you won’t have to worry about when the last time was. Because you’re being you, all the time. And you’re totally rocking it.

Ashli Brehm is a lover of words, people and the boys in her life. She loves changes in seasons. She is a huge fan of chai lattes. She would take a nap at any moment of the day. And she absolutely loves Christmas movies. She delights in laughing. And in sharing. And in spending valuable time with friends and family. She is a mom of two and a wife to one. She works in non-profit and is a full-time REbeLiever. You can read more of her musings at