Help us change the definition of beauty and health for every body

As you know, we’ve had a busy past few months and REbeL is continuing to grow! We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our second annual fundraising campaign through Indiegogo, an online fundraising platform. The campaign is currently live and will conclude on December 31st. Utilizing Indiegogo allows REbeL to easily share our message globally and collect funds through a secure, reputable site.

However, in order for our campaign to be effective we need beauty-full YOU.

As you know, REbeL relies exclusively on volunteers like you, donations, and one community-wide event: the Walk to REbeL. Our volunteers, our donors, and the Walk rock. But they’re still not enough to maintain a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and fund the supplies, training, public awareness events, staff, and activities we require.

So here is what we’re asking of YOU. Become a part of our REbeLution. Visit and donate. Share the link on Facebook. Text it and tweet it. Send the link to your next door neighbor, your best friend, your boss, you grandmother, your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister, your kid’s soccer coach, your doctor. If you’ve got their email address, share the link!

We’ve set our fundraising goal at $15,000–funds that will play an important role in paying for operational costs, developing our programming over the course of the next year and expanding the reach of REbeL to other middle schools and high schools. These donations will have an immediate impact that will be seen in the schools with existing programs and in the schools we target to develop future programs. With this support, we can continue to grow. We can continue to effect change. And we can continue to redefine beauty in a meaningful way.

Thanks for being part of the REbeLution!