Sponsor Spotlight – Jessica

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Inspired, inquisitive, hard-working

How did you become involved with REbeL?

My friend Laura became involved in REbeL at the middle school level, and I loved hearing about everything that the organization stood for. When I heard that REbeL was coming to BVHS I volunteered right away!

What is your favorite REbeL activity/event?

Handing out compliment cookies at the football game is my favorite. Getting everything ready for the event is a great bonding experience for the students, and I love seeing them interact with the community. Plus, what’s not to love about free cookies?!

How is REbeL implementing change?

REbeL is implementing change by helping people understand how harmful it can be to take everything that the media and our society tells us at face value. It’s so important to think critically about what we are told to believe about our appearance and self-worth.

What makes you beauty-full?

I have learned to really embrace my muscular legs. They used to make me feel self-conscious, but over time they’ve become something I enjoy about my appearance.

I love that I can be: someone my friends can trust.

My hope for the teens that I work with is that they can be: Empowered enough to love themselves as they are and speak out against anyone who would make them think differently.

As I have grown older, I have learned to be: More accepting of my own shortcomings and more proud of my strengths.

I think our world would be a better place if we could all be: More understanding of our differences and how the world looks through the eyes of another person.


MY NAME IS Jessica Edwards. I AM the librarian AT Blue Valley High.  I’M INVOLVED WITH REBEL BECAUSE negative body image is an important issue that few people talk about.  WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF REBEL, I THOUGHT “Why wasn’t this club around when I was 16?”  I HOPE TO HELP TEENS BE critical thinkers, BECAUSE I KNOW THAT hearing media messages that make you feel bad about yourself IS HARD, AND I BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE IF we were allowed to love who we are without thinking that we always need to “improve” ourselves.  MY FAVORITE REBEL ACTIVITY IS handing out compliment cookies at the football games BECAUSE I know that a compliment will make someone in the community’s day.  IN MY FREE TIME, I LIKE TO read books AND spend time WITH THE people I love.