Intern Shoutout: Meg

Meg Cowan
19 years old
REbeL Summer Intern
Creighton University

1) Describe yourself in 3 words:
Compassionate, silly, happy

2) Why did you get involved with REbeL?
I think low self esteem is so common among middle & high school students that it’s almost expected. I don’t like that. REbeL challenges that notion, and truly believes every person is special in their own unique way. I wanted to be involved in any way possible to help spread that message, plus it’s such a positive environment to get involved in.

3) What is the most important thing you do on a daily basis to build your self confidence?
I leave post it notes around the house that have things I love about myself on them. It’s really powerful on a bad day to come across a note that says “you have a great smile, share it with the world.” It’s pretty cool to be nice to yourself, and it makes a huge difference in your attitude.

4) What would be your advice to students struggling with body image issues?
You are not alone & I promise you that there is something within you that this world needs.

5) What do you love most about yourself
I love how I am able to be kind and love people without reservation. It took years before I realized that everybody needs to hear friendly affirmations and have kindness in their day even if they don’t act like it.