Why I Walk

Every year, many walks are held throughout the country to bring awareness and education to eating disorders. Many of us, Timberline Knolls’ employees and former residents alike, routinely participate in these walks… because we can. We are critically aware of the thousands of girls and women who will never walk, love, or laugh again for one reason: they died from an eating disorder.

We have always been proud to support the Walk to REbeL because it provides us with yet another opportunity to educate the community. This is essential as too many people continue to believe that eating disorders are not a real illness. Eating disorders, a mostly silent epidemic, are experienced by people of all ages and have a higher death rate than any other mental health disorder.

As an employee of Timberline Knolls, I participate in the Walk to REbeL each year with one, or both, of my children. They always enjoy the positive messaging along the route and especially love the food at the end of the walk! This year’s Walk to REbeL has taken on a new meaning for my daughter, who helped launch a REbeL chapter at Olathe Northwest High School this school year.

Education is key and I, and everyone at Timberline Knolls, applaud the young people involved in the REbeL organization for their efforts to redefine beauty, to advance the concept of positive self-esteem, and to move toward a society in which people are not daily forfeiting their lives to eating disorders.

Amy Sullivan, MC, RD
Professional Outreach, Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

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