Why I Walk

I walk to be supportive. Supportive of my daughter who believes so much in the REbeL cause. Supportive of all the young women and men who need to receive the right message about themselves and about their physical and mental health. To support an organization that spreads such this important message.

When my daughter got involved with the REbeL chapter at her school, I didn’t fully understand what the organization was about. Over time, as she has gotten more involved and has become a leader among her peers, I now understand how very important the organization is. We need to continue to help our children celebrate their individuality. As parents, we need to promote positive body image at home. We need to reinforce to our children that they do not need to measure up to society’s expectations. They do not need to achieve perfect. They need to question whether perfect exists & why we strive for it. They need to achieve balance. And they need to aim for happiness – figuring out who and what they are and practicing self-love.

REbeL is the answer to all these young people who struggle to “fit in” – a gathering of teens who discuss these matters in a positive environment and then become role models for their peers who are struggling.

I am very proud of my daughter’s involvement in her REbeL chapter, and I believe she will continue to be an activist and attend events in the future, well after she finishes high school. And I will also make an effort to continue to support REbeL in any way I can. I encourage you to do the same.

To register to join the Walk to REbeL on Saturday, May 7th, click here: http://bit.ly/1LyffLo

Christy Larson
REbeL Parent