REbeL Workshop: What’s possible when you love your body?

Our bodies are capable of amazing things. But when our perception of our bodies is clouded by our society’s unrealistic standards, we don’t see that. We see flaws. We see only what we want to change. We think in terms of CAN’Ts instead of CANs. Our inner critic holds us back — that constant whisper that has us convinced we’re not good enough. But guess what? Each of us has the power to shift our internal dialogue, to silence the whisper of our inner critic and to learn to see our bodies for the incredible vessels that they are. We CAN learn to love our bodies, every single one of us, but in a culture where that’s not the norm, we really do have to learn how to.

Join REbeL and Lindsay Smith, yoga extraordinaire, for our next FREE workshop to explore your internal dialogue and to examine your relationship with your body and what influences it. Through conversation, reflection, and yoga, Lindsay creates a healing space that will allow you to learn how to and to practice loving your body.

Our REbeL chapters spend some time doing yoga to help them to find peace in their bodies and to practice mindfulness, and now we’re extending this opportunity to the public. This event is open to everyone but is an especially fantastic opportunity for mothers and daughters to spark a positive conversation about body image.

When: Wednesday, Feb 8; 6:30pm
Where: Oxford Middle School Gym.
How much: FREE
Note: there will be a little yoga involved so wear something comfy. No need to bring a yoga mat.
Register: Join our Facebook event and/or email to reserve your spot.
About Lindsay: Lindsay is a Wisconsin girl who landed in Kansas City after graduation with an Interior Architecture Degree from KU. Currently, she is employed at a job she loves as an Assistant Manager at lululemon athletica Leawood.
Her first exposure to yoga was at a young age, when she would imitate her mom in tree pose or downward dog while she was practicing to Rodney Yee on VHS. In high school, yoga empowered Lindsay to develop a new relationship with her body and perception of how to navigate her teenage years.
Lindsay’s mission is for you to discover new ways to be bold in your body on and off the mat.
“Yoga is cross training for my life. Yoga creates the space for me to be the best me. On the mat, I am able to create the space in my life to be with the now and get real with who and where I am not being real.”