REbeL. BE Thankful. Indiegogo Campaign

We are thankful for you!

Thank YouREbeL is growing by leaps and bounds and that is all because of the great community support we receive from people like you! We expect to have 50 active REbeL chapters in 5 different states by the end of 2015! But first, we have to get through 2014.

REbeL relies exclusively on volunteers, donations, and our two annual fundraising events. Our volunteers, our donors and our events are great, but they’re still not enough to fund the supplies, training, public awareness events, staff, and activities we require to meet the many requests for our innovative program.

So here is what we’re asking of YOU. Become a part of our REbeLution. Visit Indiegogo and donate. Share the link on Facebook. Text it and tweet it. Send the link to your next door neighbor, your best friend, your boss, you grandmother, your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister, your kid’s soccer coach, your doctor. If you’ve got their email address, share the link!

For every $100 dollar donation increment you contribute, you’ll also be entered to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card! Pretty awesome, right? And, if you refer* friends, you’ll get an entry for every $100 donation someone you refer gives!

We’ve set our fundraising goal at $10,000—funds that will have an immediate impact that will be seen in the schools with existing programs and in schools we target to develop future programs. With this support, we can continue to grow. We can continue to effect change. And we can continue to redefine beauty and health in a meaningful way! And all you have to do is go to Indiegogo.

December 31st is the final day of the campaign, so make a donation today and see your dollars make a difference.

Thank you for being part of the REbeLution!

*You must use the Indiegogo referral links from the campaign when you log in to Indiegogo. You can sign up for a free Indiegogo account. You do not have to donate to participate in the drawing.

Help us reach our goal!

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BE [you] tiful!